Temple of Dendara in Egypt

House of Hathor

The Temple of Dendara was known as the 'Castle of the Sistrum' or 'Pr Hathor' - House of Hathor. Hathor was the goddess of love, joy and beauty. With the exception of its supporting pillars, which had capitals sculpted in the image of Hathor and were defaced by the Christians, the walls, rooms and roof are complete and extraordinarily well preserved. The stone steps of the spiral staircase are time worn but still used to ascend to the roof, where there is a small chapel decorated with Hathor-headed columns - the Christians seemed to have missed these.

Temple Wall I (oil painting)Temple Wall II (oil painting)What really grabbed my artistic attention among all this magnificence was a small detail. The place sings with the music of birds. Hundreds of them roost in small cracks and hollows in the walls seeming to contemplate their carved likeness in the hieroglyphic reliefs.

There is one other thing that stirs the imagination, the building bares the name of the famous Cleopatra and her son, whose father was Julius Caesar.

It is possible that these celebrated, personalities climbed the same stairs and contemplated, on high, the same landscape which stretches for miles below.

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Religious rituals carried Cleopatra's message, "I am a deity, Caesar is a deity, and our child is the product of a divine union."

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