Egyptian Videos

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All the links on this page allow you to see Egypt related Videos.

There are over forty Videos on this page mostly documentaries on subjects such as the Scorpion king, the Rosetta Stone, Tutankhamun's treasures, animal mummies and the secrets of Egypt's animal cults.

There are also examples of my temple reconstructions and a great clip from the Polish Movie, Faraon, showing a royal procession scene.

Here are the current top ten

John Romer

John Romer Videos

Secret Of The PyramidsBritish Egyptologist John Romer has created and appeared in many TV archaeology series such as Romer's Egypt, Ancient Lives, Testament, The Seven Wonders of the World, Byzantium and Great Excavations: The Story of Archaeology.

Unfortunately, You Tube has removed 'Romer's Egypt' and 'Ancient Lives'. But 'Ancient Lives' DVD has recently become available in the American NTSC format but not the UK PAL format.

Secret Of The Pyramids part one
Secret Of The Pyramids part two

Robert Brier

Lecture on Mummies Known as Mr. Mummy, is an American Egyptologist specializing in paleopathology. He has researched and published on mummies and the mummification process and has appeared in many TV documentaries.
Lecture on Mummies

Dr. Hourig Sourouzian

Dr Hourig Sourouzian is a German-Armenian Egyptologist and art historian, the head of the Amenhotep III Temple Conservation Project, and one of the world’s leading authorities on Egyptian royal statuary.
Saving The Temple of Amenhotep III

Dr. Salima Ikram

Anamals in Ancient Egypt A professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo, a participant in many Egyptian archaeological projects, the author of several books and has appeared in many TV documentaries.
Anamals in Ancient Egypt

Alain Zivie

Tomb of Aper-el at Saqqar Director of excavations for the French Archaeological Mission of the Bubasteion at Saqqara. Also vice president of the Société Française d’Egyptologie. He is currently visiting professor of Egyptology at The American University in Cairo.
The Tomb of Aper-el at Saqqara

Dr Janice Kamrin

Dr Janice Kamrin is an expert in Egyptology and archaeology and has lectured at a number of worldwide institutions including the American University in Cairo. She currently works alongside the Supreme Council of Antiquities on their projects, including the restoration of lost tombs at Thebes.
King Tut's Treasures

Dr Zahi Hawass

 Hidden Treasure of the Cairo Museum's Basement Zahi Hawass is an Egyptian archaeologist, an Egyptologist and the current Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities. He has worked at archaeological sites in the Nile Delta, the Western Desert, and the Upper Nile Valley and has appeared in many TV documentaries.
Hidden Treasure of the Cairo Museum's Basement

Discovery of an Intact Tomb at Saqqara

Egypt Wants Treasures Back

The Lost Tombs of Thebes

Underwater Archaeology Excavating the Nile

Old Kingdom mummy from Saqqara

Roberta Shaw

Restoring the Book of the Dead Roberta Shaw is a former assistant curator of Egyptology at the Royal Ontario Museum.Her fieldwork in Egypt has included epigraphic assistance at the Temple of Karnak and research in Theban Tomb #89 at Luxor.
Restoring the Book of the Dead

Lord Carnarvon & Howard CarterLord Carnarvon & Howard Carter

Tut's Tomb, House of Gold

The Life of Lord Carnarvon

Lord Carnarvon's Tragic Death

Lord Carnarvon and the Artefacts

A short animation about the Getty Museum's Romano-Egyptian mummy Herakleides.

Polish Ancient Egyptian Movie

The royal procession scene from Faraon (1966)

by the Polish director Jerzy Kawalerowicz (1922-2007).

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During the New Kingdom the Opet Festival, was one of the most important annual festivals the people received free bread and beer and the celebrations lasted for 27 days.